Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well I have been very busy lately. I guess it's just that time of year for everyone. I have to start this story by telling you about my dog Lucky. He came to us seven years ago as a stray starving with heart worms. We took him to the vet and it was a long process to get him taken care of but we did get him fixed up. The vet said he will always have trouble breathing because of the damage and he estimated him to be about four years old. He has always followed me everywhere. He is right step behind me at all times. Even when I mow the lawn I can't go backwards because I will fall over him. He likes to spend time with me. So Lucky is around ten and his hips are getting bad and he can no longer get in the truck and won't use a ramp. And the last time I tried to help him into my durango I almost killed us both. Because needless to say he is like me and a little bit heavy! I got a new van about a month ago and thought that it would be great for him because he can get into it easily. But since I have been so busy I had not got a chance to take him for a ride yet. Well it should have tipped me off that I needed to slow down when I came out of my craft room and the boys had taped a gun target to my hutch and had a competition with spit wads. YUK! I knew I needed to slow down but I had so much to do. Well today Lucky let me know again that I need to SLOW DOWN! After I came home from the lumber yard I had forgot and left the back hatch open on the van. The garage was open because my husband was mowing the lawn. I went to the craft room and got to work. Well after three dolls I received a text from my husband along with this picture.
Lucky wanted to go for a ride! We don't know how long exactly he had been in there waiting since we were both doing other things. But none the less he was there waiting for his mommy. So tonight I took him for a ride and we visited our local gas station that hands out dog treats through the drive up window. And this is where he discovered what he had to give up to be able to get into the car, a window that rolls down. ha ha ha So I say thank you to my children and their spit wads and to my black lab Lucky for letting me know when I am too busy.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Why Am I Here?

This is not a deep question I am asking myself it is a normal, easy question. And the answer is I have no idea! I had decided not to go back to work and stay at home to take care of myself and work on my crafting business. But after several comments from people that I will not mention, I felt bad about not "working" and gave in to working only when I am scheduled and not as a call in. But now as I set here I am wondering if it is worth it. I have worked two days already and after each time I have had to take a very long nap because it has absolutely wore me out. And now I am scheduled two days this week and I am already feeling the tired kicking in. And as I sit here all I can think about is the show I have coming up in three weeks and everything I want to be doing for it. So again I ask myself WHY AM I HERE? I should be crafting! Don't get me wrong I love to be around other adults instead of that darn cat. And I enjoy seeing all the kids at school, well at least most of them, I just feel like I am setting myself up for destruction. So for now I am at the school, posting shh, and planning my fair and that is the closest I am going to get. Did I mention I am in a computer lab where most sites are blocked and there are hardly any kids in here unless they are with another teacher? So here I sit waiting for lunch so that I can at least see my oldest pass my by without speaking. He loves me, but mom is so not cool at school! Have a good day everyone and bring on 3 O'clock!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Cloud Watching

I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. Since it is Labor Day it normally marks the end of summer. And it just reminds me of how fast time is going by these days. I had to push my kids out the door to get them to go play outside this summer, and that includes swimming in the pool. It seems they have always got a video game they are playing anymore. I remember when I was little we would be out the door as soon as we got up and didn't come home until it was time to eat. We rode bikes everywhere, we played kick the can and hide and seek in the corn field. We would roller skate on the basketball court and since everyone didn't have a pool like they do now we ran through a sprinkler! Yes, I said sprinkler. My kids don't even know what that is. And some times we would just lay around and watch the clouds go by to see what shapes they would turn into. Oh how I wish things could slow down like that again. The lazy days of summer, when even when it rained there was puddle splashing. And it didn't matter if you where wet, dirty or even bare foot back in those days it was perfectly fine. Now maybe I am just a country bumpkin and they did things different in town but that is how I remember summer. Swinging on a swing set and leaning back with my eyes closed so that I could let the sun warm my face. How sweet it was. And you can still catch me stopping on a nice day, with the puffy white clouds against the blue sky, leaning my head back with my arms stretched out letting the sun warm my face. And being ever so thankful that God made such a beautiful world.