Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Week ONE of the new year

Well the first week of the new year is coming to an end and boy is it cold out there! I have made a lot of new changes in the last year, a new job, going back to school, and enjoying life. It is all still an adjustment for me and I sure do miss the kids at school. I knew I would miss them but I never dreamed it would be this much. I have been with my youngest sons group for several years through elementary and jr high school, I have witnessed them grow into a great group of young adults.

This is some of the kids that got to go to BETA National Convention in Washington, DC this summer. My monster is included in this group, I am proud of the hard work they did to get there.

My new job is in a small business office where there are no kids....that's right no kids. I enjoy the quiet sometimes, but most often I find myself missing the crazy curiosity of the kids. You will never know the joys and sometimes horrors of kids like you do when working at school with them. I do enjoy my new job, I am working with a good group of people who have made me feel very welcome. And do I dare say I feel grown up?

Talking about growing up I turned 40 this year and it hasn't really bothered me except I also went back to school and at my age it isn't that easy!!! I should have tried harder in when I was in high school that is for sure. I am trying very hard now that's for sure. It helps that I understand how important an education is now more than ever.

I just wanted to drop a few lines to let everyone know I am still here chugging along, just a little slower as the time goes by, but still going. I hope you all are having a great year so far also.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oatmeal Soap Balls

Well I tried another first this weekend. I made homemade soap balls. They turned out very cute! I have had the supplies for a little while now and just didn't take the time to do it. I guess with school starting in a week I thought I better get something accomplished.

I was given this soap from a friend so that item was free and I bought a can of oats for just over a dollar so this whole project was very reasonable. I think I spent more money packaging them then I did on the soap itself. That is something I will have to watch, but if I had to buy the soap I think it would even out just fine.

I first took two bars of soap and grated then with the largest side of the grater so that it would be in small pieces but not soap dust. The small pieces makes it easier to mix.

I then added two cups of oats. I did not break these down at all. I was going to but it chopped down so small it looked like corn meal so I decided to leave them whole. This made the soap look much better and it will help with the exfoliation if the soap is actually used.

I mixed them both up in a bowl and then added a small amount of water. I added a few tablespoons at a time so that i didn't make the mix to wet to mold. I rolled a small amount in my hands to form a ball, just smaller then a golf ball. I laid them out to dry and that was it. It did not take long since there was not much water. I also didn't scent the soap because the bars I used already had a scent.

And here is the finished product! I think they turned out very cute! And my hands were so soft after I finished making them...added bonus!
The ones I am keeping were put in this jar. Looks good to me! I got the soap keep from a friend of mine. She made it out of old barn wood from her barn just for me and I love it. I added the little tin cup and a grungy wash cloth and it is prim perfect! Have a good day everyone!

Friday, August 12, 2011

First Time Canner

Yep, you heard me right. I am a first time canner. And I did it, or at least I think I did. I canned tomatoes yesterday and all the lids popped so I think we are good! But we will have to see this winter how it tastes.

I have always wanted to try it but something about it scared me. Then I got a chance to buy a water bath canner with rack and jars for ten dollars. Who can refuse that! I had planned on just using it in a display for my old blue jars but i couldn't resist. A few hours later I had canned all the tomatoes in the house. And boy was I going to be in trouble. I didn't leave one for hubby's sandwich. Oh no! He says down in the coal mines nothing taste better on his ham sandwich then a garden fresh tomato. So........Papa, our neighbor saved me and shared his. lol Gotta love those neighbors!

I have also been trying to figure out how to do more on my blog. Such as pages, links, music player and things of that sort. And so far no luck. I even went to an open topic computer class and the instructor had no idea about blogging so that was a bust. I checked out a book, Blogging for Dummies, and that didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. So I guess I am not a dummy at it, but far from where I want to be. So if anyone has any suggestions on how I can learn more let me know. And Thanks in advance!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


It has been a while since I have posted. I had no computer for months and just recently got it back. I will admit it was hard to get back into sitting still with the computer. But I felt like I needed to talk this week.

My ended when we finally sold the table my brother left me when he passed sold. It was a great piece but not my style. And he never even got to pick it up at the store after he bought it, he passed away before he could. So really it was not a sentimental piece that I just had to hang onto. But it was still hard to see it roll out of the garage in the back of the truck. The lady who bought it was very nice and her husband has the same name as my brother so that gave me a good feeling.

Flowers I made for my brother
John P. Gould

And then two days later the new neighbors had to have  a tree cut down that got hit by lightning. That was fine but this was Tinker's tree. A gorgeous old oak tree. Tinker was a friend and neighbor that passed the same year as my brother. They both had cancer and I cared for them both while they were sick. This tree was also were we would often set and talk and watch the cars go by while we fixed the worlds problems, well at least the ones in the neighbor hood. This was also the safety place for my family in case of any emergency. Thankfully, we never had to use it. But non the less the kids knew to get to Tinker's tree and wait and someone they loved would come to get them.

My buddy Tinker, Wendell Bruce

So when the table left it was hard but then to loose the tree also it felt like I had to say good bye to them all over again. I know that sounds silly these are just things, but somehow they still brought a smile to my face when I looked at them. But it was only because I thought of John and Tinker. So I have decided that I will use the money I got from John's table and build an arbor. Since one of the last things they both wanted me to do with them was take them outside then it will be perfect. I will use a clematis plant that Tinker had given me to grow up the arbor along with some roses which my brother loved. This will be my safety place, a place that makes me smile and remember them......

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Week #3

Well this week I was really concerned that I was out. But thanks to my favorite prim shop, The Primitive Home, I think I made it! I just love that place. It was the first store I bought any prims in and I continue to go there. She makes everything look so good. She even inspired me to start crafting again! So a great big THANK YOU
to Sandy!
Now back to this hunt. Misi is making it so exciting! I have had to explain myself so many times on why I was looking for certain items that my whole town probably thinks I an nuts. But what normal person isn't!

List #3

#1 Stool with Hooked Top

#2 Old Tin Funnel

#3 Putz (or style like) Lamb/sheep

#4 Crow on a stick

#5 Wooden Cigar Mold

#6 Silhouette Box

#7- Bero’s Bonus- Pure Maple Syrup Sign or OLD Syrup Can
Wow am I having fun! lol I hope everyone else is also. Here are my finds for this one.

These are the group shots. I had to add in the crow I forgot about him, sh don't tell him.

I got this little box about a year ago. I got a set of three but was suppose to be a set of four. So since there was one missing I got them all for 50cents! I did this little bunny on the odd size one. I drew the bunny on and painted and distressed. I then used watered down brown paint to go over the whole thing so it would not be such a bright white. And inside it hides three ceramic eggs that was my husbands and his sisters from when they were little. I got them because no one else wanted them. They were made for them by their aunt, so I love them.

The little log cabin syrup can was Sandy's display in her shop. It is one of the things she likes to collect, isn't it cute! The stool and the sheep was for sale at her shop. The little red stool is adorable the sheep just isn't my thing. He is cute and all but not for me.

This little canning funnel is one of my favorites! I have not had it long but it is so prim perfect. I got it a facebook yard sale. Who knew, right?

This is crow I actually got in a box of doll body parts I bought, also on facebook, and he was hidden inside all the arms and legs. So I stuck him on a spool back in the fall and added a little homespun and it looks like he was made to be there. He usually sits in a old blue jar with some harvest berries.

Well that's all I have for today, I hope it is enough! Happy hunting.....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Straight Out Of The Camera Sunday

I love taking natural pictures. I would guess it is hard to adjust pictures on your computer but it is even harder to find and capture some amazing natural shots.

This is of my teenage son, who never lets me take his picture. But for some reason he let me take this. It was just one shot and I was only trying to capture a close-up of his eye. And when I looked at the photo it looked as if I was holding onto his pupil. I couldn't have planned it any better.

To see other photos of Straight Out Of The Camera Sunday just click on the picture or the name. Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

A Primitive Place is hosting a giveaway!

To celebrate spring and the new blog A Primitive Place magazine is doing a giveaway.
The winner will get this great tobacco basket made just for them!  So head on over and enter for your chance to win.

And if you have not seen their magazine then you should check it out. It is full of prim ideas, articles and tutorials. It is a must for a prim girls reading list!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scavenger Hunt List #2

Well I can not tell you how much fun I am having doing this scavenger hunt! And I am finding out about items that I have never noticed before.

7 items this week (4 needed to continue)
This weeks list was:

Colonial Print- Must contain both a boy & a girl
Wooden Buggy Yoke

                                                         And this is what I came up with!

The Blue Willow China and the metal tree in my scavenger spot.

A closer look...

These items were borrowed from a friend. and this one was very old. I love the patina and aged look on this piece of the china.

Here is the metal tree. It is a photo tree and it is heavy. Not sure what kind of metal it is but it does have cute brass acorns on the ends of the branches.

It also has tin leaves! Notice the detail on the leaves and the bumps on the branch sections to make it look so real.  The base looks like it is trimmed in wooden sticks but it is all metal as well!

This is a picture of her father that she hangs from the branches.....

Here is the corn dryer and the child size chair.

this little chair I had in my display already. I got it at a yard sale for $3 or $4 dollars! Too cute. I can not tell what this says but it adds to the charm...

This little boat is my sons. He usually has it in the bath filled with lego characters. lol He wanted to know where I was going with it!

And finally this corn holder..... it looks so good hanging on the wash tub that I might have to use one like this in my fall decorating!

Thanks for coming to visit and hopefully I will see you next week with list #3!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Macro Flower Saturday

Macro Flower Saturday!

We have been looking green all week for St. Patrick's day so I thought it was time to add a little color.