Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Week #3

Well this week I was really concerned that I was out. But thanks to my favorite prim shop, The Primitive Home, I think I made it! I just love that place. It was the first store I bought any prims in and I continue to go there. She makes everything look so good. She even inspired me to start crafting again! So a great big THANK YOU
to Sandy!
Now back to this hunt. Misi is making it so exciting! I have had to explain myself so many times on why I was looking for certain items that my whole town probably thinks I an nuts. But what normal person isn't!

List #3

#1 Stool with Hooked Top

#2 Old Tin Funnel

#3 Putz (or style like) Lamb/sheep

#4 Crow on a stick

#5 Wooden Cigar Mold

#6 Silhouette Box

#7- Bero’s Bonus- Pure Maple Syrup Sign or OLD Syrup Can
Wow am I having fun! lol I hope everyone else is also. Here are my finds for this one.

These are the group shots. I had to add in the crow I forgot about him, sh don't tell him.

I got this little box about a year ago. I got a set of three but was suppose to be a set of four. So since there was one missing I got them all for 50cents! I did this little bunny on the odd size one. I drew the bunny on and painted and distressed. I then used watered down brown paint to go over the whole thing so it would not be such a bright white. And inside it hides three ceramic eggs that was my husbands and his sisters from when they were little. I got them because no one else wanted them. They were made for them by their aunt, so I love them.

The little log cabin syrup can was Sandy's display in her shop. It is one of the things she likes to collect, isn't it cute! The stool and the sheep was for sale at her shop. The little red stool is adorable the sheep just isn't my thing. He is cute and all but not for me.

This little canning funnel is one of my favorites! I have not had it long but it is so prim perfect. I got it a facebook yard sale. Who knew, right?

This is crow I actually got in a box of doll body parts I bought, also on facebook, and he was hidden inside all the arms and legs. So I stuck him on a spool back in the fall and added a little homespun and it looks like he was made to be there. He usually sits in a old blue jar with some harvest berries.

Well that's all I have for today, I hope it is enough! Happy hunting.....