Wednesday, June 08, 2011


It has been a while since I have posted. I had no computer for months and just recently got it back. I will admit it was hard to get back into sitting still with the computer. But I felt like I needed to talk this week.

My ended when we finally sold the table my brother left me when he passed sold. It was a great piece but not my style. And he never even got to pick it up at the store after he bought it, he passed away before he could. So really it was not a sentimental piece that I just had to hang onto. But it was still hard to see it roll out of the garage in the back of the truck. The lady who bought it was very nice and her husband has the same name as my brother so that gave me a good feeling.

Flowers I made for my brother
John P. Gould

And then two days later the new neighbors had to have  a tree cut down that got hit by lightning. That was fine but this was Tinker's tree. A gorgeous old oak tree. Tinker was a friend and neighbor that passed the same year as my brother. They both had cancer and I cared for them both while they were sick. This tree was also were we would often set and talk and watch the cars go by while we fixed the worlds problems, well at least the ones in the neighbor hood. This was also the safety place for my family in case of any emergency. Thankfully, we never had to use it. But non the less the kids knew to get to Tinker's tree and wait and someone they loved would come to get them.

My buddy Tinker, Wendell Bruce

So when the table left it was hard but then to loose the tree also it felt like I had to say good bye to them all over again. I know that sounds silly these are just things, but somehow they still brought a smile to my face when I looked at them. But it was only because I thought of John and Tinker. So I have decided that I will use the money I got from John's table and build an arbor. Since one of the last things they both wanted me to do with them was take them outside then it will be perfect. I will use a clematis plant that Tinker had given me to grow up the arbor along with some roses which my brother loved. This will be my safety place, a place that makes me smile and remember them......


  1. Made me a little teary - what a nice way to honor those important folks in your life.

  2. Wow that is a wonderful way to honor your lost loved ones. I am sure both are smiling down at .Very sorry that you have loss so much lately.Big hugs,Jen