Sunday, July 11, 2010

Candle Stix

Happy Monday everyone. I found these old style candle sticks at a yard sale for 75cents, for all three! So I snatched them up. I knew I didn't want to leave them the way they were and I couldn't think of how I would use them all together, so they are getting split up. One will be used for Halloween and another Christmas. The third will be put away for another project.
I started them off the same way.I cleaned them up and painted them a cinnamon brown. I didn't worry to much about the coverage since this is the first step but make sure to get all the little cracks and crevices. After covering the whole candle and letting set a minute I then wiped off some of the brown paint on the drips marks and the base. On the Halloween candle I repeated the painting process with black paint. I then sprayed it with craft adhesive and covered it with coffee grounds to give it an older heavy look. The Christmas candle was sprayed covered in cinnamon for a lighter look.
I then topped them both off with a homemade grubby silicone bulbs a good friend and I made together. And that's all it took. I hope you like how they turned out, I will show you pictures later in the year when I use them in my holiday decorating.Just remember don't be afraid to try something new it can always be made over. And when you get deals like this you have nothing to lose?
The grubby lights were an experiment and I think they turned out GREAT!! Happy crafting everyone.


  1. Hobby Lobby always has these leftover after Christmas, sometimes at 90% off too! I will have to snatch some up this year. What a great idea! Your grubby silicone bulbs look wonderful! Great job!

  2. Thanks Angie, I am glad you like them. I hope yours turns out good too, let me know how you used them. It fun to watch them take on a new character.

  3. I love how those turned out !!! You are a girl after my own heart!!! lol!!! I am known for my lights!!! I sell them like crazy at Christmas shows!!!I will post a couple pics of some of the ones I sold at last years craft show..on my blog so you can see them.