Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You Are Never Too Old Or Young

Well we are enjoying our summer. My oldest has been at Boomps, aka grandpa, for three nights. And even though I miss him very much I am enjoying spending time with my youngest. He is nine and most of the time he is bouncing off of the walls, but this week he has been very calm. He decided last night that he wanted homemade mac-n-cheese like Boomps. He thinks mine is OK but he would really like Boomps kind. So he was going to show me how to do it. After five minutes of watching to see if the water would boil he decided that I could call him when it was time to put in the cheese because I should know how to cook the macaroni. And even though he checked on me several times and thought they looked like the same size as Boomps halfway through he waited patiently. Finally it was time to add the cheese! He came to get it ready, all eleven pieces of it, and he told me how to drain the macaroni and put the cheese in one slice at a time. I stirred it all up and even added a little milk against his wishes and we were all set to eat. He said it wasn't exactly like Boomps but that it was pretty darn good. It must have been the milk. lol I sure do love him! So my point is you are never too young to teach and never too old to learn. Even if it is from a nine year old boy teaching me how to make his grandpa's mac-n-cheese.

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