Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In the yard

Hey everyone! I hope this post finds you well. I just wanted to share something about me today that you may or may not know. I love to take pictures! I am a member of Southern Exposure photo club, which you can find on face book. We meet once a month and are just starting to have outings once a month as well. It started earlier this year by a great guy who skates, loves the Lord and takes awesome pictures! I am very thankful for him and everyone in the group they are teaching me alot. I have always loved taking pictures but never even had my own camera. When I was younger I would try to draw things that I saw to remember them, the pictures were not so great. And when I got married we got a video camera and everything got recorded. But at the time you couldn't transfer them to picture and we ended up with loads of VHS tapes. For you younger people they were before DVD. Any way, as the rest of us know they can really pile up. Then my wonderful mother -in-law, and I mean that, got a new camera. So that meant I got a new camera because she couldn't work it. And that was fine with me! I loved her camera and I took lots and lots of pictures but I wasn't happy with the zoom. So finally, after I started going to Southern Exposure, I bought my very own camera!!!! It has 10x zoom and a digital zoom after that. I love it! I always have it with me. And as they say at the meetings you can't get the shot if you don't have your camera. Tee Hee I usually shoot in auto mode but a fellow member taught me how to shoot fireworks this year, thanks, and I am gradually trying other functions. Today I was trying out my foliage mode and I noticed something was following me around the yard. And since I had my camera, I got the shot! So if you love taking pictures take your camera with you, don't be afraid try new options on your camera, and take lots and lots of pictures. So what if they don't all turn out. I was told my first meeting that digital photography is cheep so shoot away! And they were right not all of them turn out but just look at what happens when they do.... I hope you like them. Keep on crafting and shooting. Till next time remember God is Good!!!

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  1. Awesome job !! I love to take pictures too. I've taken family photos, sr. year pictures, and even weddings! But I prefer to play around and take pictures for me. It's so stressful for me when I take pictures for other people, I worry too much.

    You're doing great! Keep it up! Have a blessed weekend~