Monday, August 30, 2010

A Hunter or A Gatherer?

Well the answer to this question for me is yes, on both counts. I love to go hunting with my family.We get to do this as a family and that is important. My oldest doesn't care much for anything outdoors but he tags along. The little one however eats, drinks and sleeps hunting. The TV channel is always on some kind of hunting. So this weekend we took him out with us to show him the preparation side of hunting. He needs to know its not all about just going out and sitting in a stand and shooting. There is scouting and knowing where the deer are. And the stands have to be checked and secure with clear shooting lanes. Our main task yesterday was to put up two stand right next to each other so that he and his dad could hunt together without crowding each other. So it took a while and he got real tired but we got the job done. And he and his dad were very happy. There was real good deer sign in the area and we have seen several deer while watching through binoculars. So I think he has a good chance of not only harvesting a deer but watching how they act and react to other deer and the sign of people in their area. One of the parts of hunting I enjoy is just sitting back and taking in all of nature. The soft sounds of the woods is very peaceful and to see animals in there own habitat acting the way nature intended can be very amusing. I once watched a spotted deer jumping around and splashing in a puddle over and over again. And just this weekend I saw a buck rear up on his hind legs and kick at a little one for just playing around him. He obviously didn't want to be bothered while eating his dinner. And it funny to see how squirrels chase each other while jumping from tree to tree, flipping around and even falling only to catch themselves on another branch. I love all aspects of nature. And yes we also eat the animals, that is how God intended.
But since Justin is his mother's child he also was in the fields with me picking up corn cobs, husks, whole cobs with corn and acorns. The cobs I will be dipping in scented wax to use in bowl fillers and the acorns are going to be used in a Halloween decorating projec,t I will share that with you later. But he still had hunting on the brain so all the full ears of left over corn from the combine were put in a pile in front of his trail camera. lol Gotta love that boy!
This was hard work but it was a good time spent with the family!

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  1. What a wonderful idea for Halloween decors! Nice to know you had some outdoor fun! Looking forward to that Halloween decorating project! :) PS: love the photo -very meaningful! :)