Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge

One of the blogs I follow has a fun picture challenge.
Each challenge has a new theme and this
month was my first one to participate in. And the challenge was Dirt. Dirt what can you do with dirt. I searched high and low to try to find an interesting picture of dirt. I guess I couldn't see the potential in this one. So while on a outing with my photo club I snapped a few pics of possibilities. When I get home I always rush to my computer to see what I had captured. They never are the same when viewing them on the camera. The computer lets you see so much more in the picture. And while browsing through them I found this first picture. I had taken it because of the natural whole in the rock was so interesting and I could just imagine it filling with water during a rain, showing off all of the color rings in the stone. But while looking at it I noticed, in the bottom of this natural bowl, on top of this beautiful stone hill was Dirt! I was over thinking the challenge. So my advice to you would be to relax, shoot everything it all has hidden beauty and go with the flow. I also added the pic of dirt that I was trying to make look interesting. Who knows beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can check out the other entries at The Brenda Photo Challenge Blog. Have a great weekend everyone and happy crafting.


  1. Those are pretty cool pictures, the picture with the tree roots coming out of the ground are really neat. :)

  2. I like the textures in the tree root picture and the various footprints! What a cool perspective!

  3. Wonder what made the depression in the rock? Sometimes that would have been used for something, like to grind grain.I have fun with the challenge, it is like being in another club to put together varied ideas.

  4. Now how did I miss This??? Nice shots!!
    I especially like the!!
    I came by looking for yodays entry on Photo Essays....
    Enjoy your weekend!!