Sunday, October 03, 2010


Well the last few days I have been having a love/hate relationship with technology. Since it is now officially hunting season we were in the woods doing some last minute prep to the stands. We were not getting done in time to pick up the boys from school so I needed to make arrangements for them to go to grandpa's. While on the phone with the school my phone went dead. And of coarse I was not anywhere near a charger. My husband had his in the truck but it doesn't get a signal where we were. And even if it did, I didn't know the number because they are all programed in my phone and all I see are names when dialing. Just what happened to the old days when we were a walking phone book and could memorize dozens of numbers. You know back when there were only phones at home and kids spent a whole lot more time around their parents. Now, second graders have their own cell phones and my thirteen year old calls me from his room. Well the kids were taken care of thanks to the great secretaries at school that got just enough of my phone call to get them where they needed to be. But now my youngest is coming home from cub scout camp and I can't call and check on him because the leader he is with is old school and does not have a cell phone. We are very good friends and I trust him very much and I am sure they stopped for lunch or even went to a sporting goods store and will be home soon but I so want to talk to him right now. So as for technology I am glad and sad all at the same time that you have spoiled us by making things so darn easy!

Me out hunting!
I just wanted to add a few pics to show some of the things I have been working on.


  1. I could not agree more! I have a love hate relationship with technology also! I love it when it is working (especially in my benefit) I HATE it when something goes wrong with it! I am not very "tech saavvy" as they call it, so when something does go all screwy I haven;t the faintest idea how to fix it!! It can be your best friend or your worst enemy! I remeber the good ole' days where I was like a walking talking phone book and now I don't even know my own number anymore lol!! =)

  2. I back! After I posted that first post and then came back online I realized I never said anything about what you had made I am bad bad!Lol!! I love the kitty and I wish I could even begin to make those apples!! They look good enough to eat!! =)

  3. Thanks Janice. And the apples were really not that bad to do.

  4. Oh yes, I so agree! Sometimes I find I am thankful, sometimes I am frustrated.

    You look cute in your camo garb, couldn't even tell it was you! =]

    Love what you've been working on. Those candy apples look so real!!