Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I need a break!

Well after several weeks of sick kids, sick husband, busy vacation, pool trouble, and car trouble I needed a time-out! So I took a few minutes and set down to check out a few new patterns. I know that this ultimately leads to more to do but it is relaxing for a while. And right now the kids are actually getting along so I am taking advantage of it. I got a few pattens for Halloween. I LOVE fall and I can't wait to try them out. I got some bat and spider bowl fillers, pumpkins and crows. And since I can't buy them all I made a note of several others I will be getting soon. A really good friend also hooked my up with some really old brown bottles I will be using for myself in my Halloween display, after I add a few witchy items to make it spooky of course. That will have to be added in a later blog. So for now enjoy the summer sun while I work on some fun summer beach patterns. And remember for adults a time out is a good thing!!!

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