Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I Remember When

Today we are heading to St. Louis to see my cardiologist and the whole family is going. So the boys are happy they get out of school. When I have to go to these visits it makes me appreciate my family for going through all of this with me.When I think about when I was little my favorite family activity was "wash day". My parents were divorced and my father was sixty years old when I was born. So he was old fashioned about things, and I loved it! So when it came to wash day we were outside with the old wringer washer and galvanized tubs. We were all outside, all three girls and my dad. We spent the whole day outside together washing clothes. My dad and older sister would hang the clothes, and my twin sister and I would take turns pulling the clothes from the wash, running them through the wringer into the rinse tubs. Then we had to put them back through the wringer into another rinse tub before sending them off to get hung out to dry on the line. We loved running the clothes through so we had to take turns. I don't remember us ever complaining about it, we had fun. It seemed as if the day would fly by and then dad would go back to his junking and we had to go back to our mom's. She had an electric washer and dryer we were never aloud to touch it, which was fine because it wasn't as much fun.I would like to have times like that. Doing a project together with the whole family, spending the day having fun with no arguing aloud. Today these oldies but goodies are used for decoration and planters. They can be used any way you want. I don't have one yet, but I am on the lookout! The above picture shows how a friend has hers displayed and I love it. So if you have an old wringer washer or galvanized rinse tub let them remind you of family fun. Everyone have a good day and remember on Wednesday whatever goes!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story!:o) I didn't know that about you....but you are right, a family that works together will be a happy family!