Monday, May 03, 2010

Makeover Monday

In today's time we all want to save money. But we also want to keep our homes nice and relaxing for our families to enjoy. And let's face it the more we spend decorating the more work our husbands have to do to bring home the bacon. So I say look in places that you wouldn't normally find a primitive piece.Or at least think you will find one. I found this five arm chandelier in a ood Will store. It's arms were all loose and the color wasn't that great, but it was new in a box for $6.oo. Who can beat that! So I took it all apart, easy as pie, tightened all the arms and put it back together. I then used regular black, craft paint and painted the entire thing. It took two coats and I started from top to bottom to help prevent drips. Make sure to keep the brush wet to prevent streaks, but not wet enough to leave globs of paint or bubbles. I let it dry and topped it off with punched tin mini lamp shades that I bought at a favorite prim store here in town. I know you are thinking the shades were an expense, but I got them for a good deal and they make all the difference! I didn't distress this piece at all because I wanted the focus to be on the willow tree shades. Now if I can find the candle drip sleeves,that I have been holding onto for some time, and put them on with the shades the chandelier will be PERFECT! Happy Makeover Monday everyone, and don't be afraid to search for your bargains any where you can find them.

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  1. Looks great Dolly!!!I love it!!!:)