Monday, May 17, 2010

Three Dollar Find

I have been working today and I have a makeover for you that I found at a yard sale for three dollars. It was a wood cabinet so I knew I could make some changes. It had all the hardware and was pretty solid, I had to put some wood glue on one door. Once the door was finished I started the makeover! First I removed the not so great fabric from the doors and cleaned the entire piece with a damp cloth. I then removed all the hardware and doors. I measured and cut some chicken wire to replace the fabric on the doors. I dry brushed black paint on the chicken wire before adding it to the doors. I then painted the rest of the cabinet with two coats of black craft paint. After it was completely dry I put the doors back on and grunged it up with some sand paper. Keep in mind that the original paint will come through when you do the sanding. So if you want to hide the base coat go light on the sanding. I was fine with the paint showing because it matched the pulls I used on the finished cabinet. Once the sanding was done I wiped it off with a dry cloth. Then I used a cherry stain on it to bring out the base coat even more. I wiped off the stain immediately after applying. When the stain was dry I added the new hardware on the doors and let it dry in a well ventilated area. I now have a new cabinet! Cost with paint and free chicken wire is $5.86. Now that's what I call a deal. So go out and get your not so pretty deals and make them over!!!

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