Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Wonderful Sound of Music

Ok, so today my oldest son and the school band got to play The Star Spangled Banner at the Southern Illinois Miners first home game. It was great! The band is made up of mostly Jr. high students and there are a few high school students. The band director has built up the band from almost nothing at all. The school started an Alumni Band in order to have someone playing at events and gradually students started getting interested in music again. With the excitement and enthusiasm that Mr. Ben shows during class the band began to grow. And now we have almost thirty students in the program. And there are at least a dozen students at the elementary level starting to learn instruments in order to be in the band program. It is very exciting!They had a spring concert last week and in the words of one of my favorite teachers" you could see a real marching band in Eldorado's future". The kids have been working very hard and it is a joy to hear them practicing when you walk down the hallway of the school. It was such a loss for the school when there was no band at all. It was almost as if an entire era was lost. And to see the younger generation again turn to music as a hobby rather than turn to other activities chosen by most during these uncontrollable times is a complete blessing. And today I was honored to be the mother of a band member. The entire stadium was filled with children from schools all over and it was our kids that were chosen to perform, what an honor. So congratulations Eldorado School Band! If any of you know how to play an instrument whether you are just beginning or have played for years take time to share music with a child and enjoy your own blessings of music.

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