Friday, May 14, 2010

New Growth

I am excited! I replanted my garden and it is starting to sprout. I know it seems a little late to plant but there are several plants that can be planted up until July. You will get a later harvest of course but any harvest is good for me. If you are doing a garden make sure to follow directions on the labels and you will not have the same problem I did. I planted everything too deep, I was afraid the birds would eat the seeds, and it does make a difference. Who knew? It sure is good to know that I am still able to learn new things. I also started some plants indoors before planting them in the garden. This was real fun to watch the growth of the plants and it was very easy to do with Peat Potts. The blackberries are blooming and the tomatoe plants are too! The onions are sprouting up and it looks alot like little blades of grass. And since it doesn't take much to make me happy every little sprout keeps me smiling. Now if I can just remember where I planted what? I was at my good friend Tracy's house today and in the garden we are doing together there is corn sprouting! Woo Hoo corn, can you believe it? I already have recipes spinning around in my head. Have you ever tried fried corn? Cut it off the cob, cook it in a skillet with a little milk and butter, yummy. So let's have it, what is growing in your garden?

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